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Voice of the customer
frequently asked questions

Voice of the customer

Mr. K Aichi Prefecture
It was a pity that the person in charge changed along the way, but it was good that the person in charge of the successor responded cordially.

Mr. Zhang Aichi Prefecture
I am grateful for your kind consultation by e-mail and telephone.

Mr. O Aichi Prefecture
It was a short period of time, but thank you very much. It was a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, so it was good to ask for it.

Mr. R Gifu Prefecture
The person in charge had little knowledge and was confused. I am grateful that you responded so hard, but I was a little worried.

Dear Zhou Aichi Prefecture
Thank you very much for this time. It was helpful to respond quickly to sudden consultations.

Mr. Zhu Gifu Prefecture
We were very kind and polite to the customer service, and we were able to make a contract without waste.

Mr. K Aichi Prefecture
While I was thinking about wanting a house, he made a specific suggestion, so it went smoothly.

Mr. F Aichi Prefecture
I am grateful that all the employees were pleasant and answered the phone immediately.

Dear Mr. Song, Aichi Prefecture
Thank you very much for the very easy-to-understand and thorough explanations, and for the smooth consultation and response.

Mr. K Mie Prefecture
It was my first time and there were many things I didn't understand, but it was helpful to have a detailed explanation.

frequently asked questions

Q Is there a time or season when it is easy to sell real estate?
The first aim is... The aim is April when the new life begins. The caveat is that it is too late to go on sale in April. By April, most customers have already decided on a property. When looking for a property for a new life, the transaction is done around February ~ March. Therefore, it is ideal to sell it in December ~ January.
The second aim is... If you've missed out on the new life season in April, aim for October. In October, there are many cases of relocation, and real estate will be easier to sell around August ~ September. In that case, it is ideal to sell it by June ~ July.

Q What should I do if my house can't sell forever?
There are times when it can not be sold for a long time after the sale. In that case, there is always a reason why it can not be sold. Sale price, condition of the room, etc. Broadly speaking, I think these two points are often the reasons. By comparing with competing properties in the neighborhood, inquiries from customers will increase.

Q What do real estate companies do?
There are many procedures for buying and selling real estate. It is all from the appraisal of your real estate ~ sales activities ~ contract procedures ~ delivery. We will search for prospective purchasers using various means, such as the Internet and introductions to existing customers.

Q What kind of contract is there when you ask for the sale of real estate?
When you formally request a real estate company to broker a sale, we will conclude an "intermediary contract". An intermediary contract is an important document to clarify the service contents of the intermediary activity desired by the customer and the fee that is the compensation. We will have a meeting with the customer for sales activities and conclude an intermediary contract.

Q Is it okay to talk to multiple real estate companies at the same time?
To tell you the truth, I would like to tell you, "Please make a request with our company!" However, I think that it is difficult to decide on one real estate company. I would like you to compare it with other companies and decide after thinking that our company is really good. There are many real estate companies from major real estate companies to small and medium-sized real estate companies. We hope you feel what makes us different.

Q Can you sell even if you price higher than the appraised price?
Real estate price appraisal is a price that takes into account market prices, etc. If the person considering purchasing likes the property, it will be a contract. The price at that time is when the buyer is satisfied with the amount. The assessed price = not the contract amount. In fact, there have been cases where contracts have been concluded with pricing higher than the appraised price.

Q Can the sale price be freely changed along the way?
It seems that there is almost no increase in price on the way. I think that there are various conditions such as the remaining bonds of the customer's mortgage. It is common to actually put it on the market and review the price if it can not be concluded in the long term.

Q Can I sell it secretly to the neighborhood?
If there is a situation and you have any questions such as wanting to keep it a secret from your neighbors, please let us know. If you are thinking of selling early, we recommend that you publish detailed information about the property in order to make a wide range of offerings.

Q What are the costs of selling real estate?
As for various expenses incurred at the time of sale

1.Brokerage fee
2.Sales contract stamp fee
3.Registration Fee

And so on. For example, as a guideline, in the case of a contract at 10 million yen, in the case of a contract at around 20 million yen around about 420,000 yen, in the case of a contract at around 30 million yen, it costs around 1,050,000 yen. Expenses such as mortgage loan expenses and mortgage setting may be added separately. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Q If there are many outstanding loan bonds, it is impossible to replace them?
Depending on the financial institution, there are places that handle "replacement loan / relocation loan" that borrows together the loan that remains currently by selling the property owned and the loan for new purchase. Your personal information and collateral properties will be subject to examination. First of all, I would like you to consult us including the assessment price, various expenses, etc. Depending on the borrowing conditions, the new loan interest rate may be cheaper than the previous loan rate.

Q If I tell you the conditions I want, will you look for a property?
Please let us know your preferred conditions. We will propose a property according to the conditions.

Q Can I get on board for loan consultation?
We will listen to your request and propose a reasonable financial plan.

Q It's hard to find a good property. What should I do?
I think that there will always be a property that meets your wishes. However, I think that there are many cases where good properties do not fit the budget. Why don't you review again whether the property that suits the customer is a good property? Also, why not consider renovating a property close to your wishes as you wish?

Q I'm wondering if it's an apartment or a detached house. What criteria should I use to make a choice?
In the case of an apartment, choose by location! In the case of a detached house, choose by living space! It is common to say. However, the key point is how much you will pay, including the mortgage you pay every month. For example, condominiums cost about 30,000 yen in management fees, repair reserves, parking fees, etc. in addition to loans. In that respect, detached houses do not cost such things. For other details, please contact us.

Q How many people see and purchase properties?
It depends on the customer. If you compare properties, I think that at least 3 ~ 5 cases are good. It is easier to consider if you narrow it down to about 10 at most. In addition, if it becomes more than that, there are customers who hesitate or are tired of considering and postpone purchasing. We recommend that you inform them of the conditions and consult with them before taking a look.

Q What are the procedures after purchase?
Customers who use a mortgage loan will apply to a financial institution immediately after signing the contract. We will inform you of necessary documents etc. properly. If approval is obtained, complete the money cancellation contract (mortgage contract) and wait for the delivery date. In addition, we will also make arrangements for moving and propose fire insurance.

Q How much down payment do I need?
Generally, it is about 10% of the property price.

Q How long does it take from purchase to moving in?
After the contract, it generally takes about 1 ~ 3 months on average until delivery ~ move-in is possible. In the case of a buyer, there are mortgage procedures, renovation meetings, etc. In the case of the seller, there is a request for cancellation of the mortgage (full payment of the entire balance of the mortgage loan and cancellation of the mortgage, etc.), a request to forward the mailing, a notice of cancellation of electricity, gas, water, etc., so it takes about 2 weeks ~ 1 month at the shortest.

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